Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the eastern plateaus of
Washington State's productive farmlands, Pacific Australian Shepherds is
the birthplace of our passion for improving the future of the Australian
Shepherd breed. We fell in love with Australian Shepherds in 1986. For the
past 30 years we have immersed ourselves in the careful observation
towards selecting characteristics that ultimately produces sound examples
of the breed. We have always been, and continue to be, committed to
refining those characteristics that produce dogs with a balance of type,
structure, temperament and natural herding instinct that define the wonderful
Australian Shepherd.
Our results speak for themselves. Those who have known and loved our dogs, remember them for a lifetime, whether they have gone to show/performance homes, or
have been companion best friends. We hope you will spend some time here, and allow us to share information about our breeding program, and introduce you to our
aussie family. In the process we hope you will find information and links to resources that will help you in your journey into the Australian Shepherd community.
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Port Orchard, WA
Australian Shepherds
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Home of AKC and ASCA Champion Australian Shepherds

Deborah L. Hendrickson